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Discussion Of Isolated Confined Environments

Isolated Confined Environments
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My main lj is spacedoutlooney, in which I mostly talk about movies, tv, films, musicals, books, and sometimes other sundries. All these are things that I don't care about any random person stopping by and reading. I figure we all ought to spread the wealth; also, I am not a professional writer or critic and that lj is mostly for my personal amusement and to write down my thoughts and share them, so the idea of ideas being spread around the world without my knowledge or credit doesn't bother me as much.

However, my career and education are much more personal; I don't feel comfortable posting about such things where anybody can read them, and, in addition, I don't want these things to get mixed up with everything in my main lj. So I created this community, icenvironments, as a place where I can share with people, but keep track of who's reading. As such, this community is open to anyone who is interested, but it will be a closed community and everything in it will be friends-locked. Anyone who joins also has posting access, so it doesn't necessarily have to me talking all the time, though it may very well be.

My main career education interest is the study of humans in Isolated Confined Environments, which I like to abbreviate as ICE, though that is by no means standard. Isolated Confined Environments include but are not limited to submarines, aircraft carriers, prisons, antarctic wintering over stations, rural communities, and islands; space exploration is my main focus, so I mostly like to think about spacecraft, space stations, and theoretical extraterrestrial colonies. This is a very small field of research at present: over the past couple of years, I have only managed to gather a small handful of contacts. In one sense with this kind of frustrating, because opportunities are fewer, but it is also very exciting because the issues surrounding ICE are just beginning to be explored and there is so much to learn.

So if this entices you, please feel free to join; I'd love to get to know you and hear what you think.